Sunday, June 24, 2012

Granny squares everywhere!

So what started as a super neato swap in my crafting group, turned into a tiny obsession with granny squares.  I know I use that word a lot, obsession-but when it comes to things like crocheting, DIY and pinterest- I am totally and completely obsessed.  I fantasize of a life with Hank Hill as my husband, mowing, painting, digging and sawing our way onto the parade of homes. 

I'm getting off topic.  So, granny squares.  They are without question totally rad.  Even just your basic granny is awesome b/c you can do them big, or you can do them tiny.  If you go over to Dollar Store Crafts you can make an adorable tiny one as a necklace.  I copied her design almost exactly, and gave it as a gift to J's sister for her birthday. 
I'm not going to link to a granny pattern, only because I want you to go on a Google (or Pinterest) spree on your own, and discover that they are like snow flakes!  No 2 are alike!  I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted just to granny square patterns.  There is also a great book available The Granny Square Book that has I think 75 or so different patterns in it.  I bought it on my kindle and I really like it.

I loved it so much, that I wanted to make my own. 

I forget which size hook I used for this square, but I believe it was the smallest one in the pack.  It is so very tiny.  Make sure you try this on a day when you are not already irritated.  The thread would keep slipping off the hook, and it until I got a groove going, it was annoying.  In the end though, totally worth it. 

Yes, I was snacking on nilla wafers when I was making this.  It was the closest thing I had around for a size comparison.  I wore it while we were on vacation last month and got tons of compliments on it.  My grandmother now wants a table runner made up of tiny granny squares!  Maybe for Christmas?  Great idea though!

Then I decided to go just a big bigger, and bolder in color.   I made a strip of grannies and hung them up at the pharmacy nearest J's apt. 
His neighborhood is great to yarnbomb in, they always stay up for a long time. 

Nik <3

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