Friday, June 22, 2012

Never thought I'd be a cross stitcher

As I said in the previous post, I recently got back into cross stitching starting with an awesome kit from nerd JERK and from there just jumped in feet first. 

Last month, my youngest cousin tied the knot.  I wanted to give her a handmade gift that she would just love, so after some brainstorming and Googling, I found this totally radical shop on Etsy- wee little stitches.

If you have never heard of this shop before, get ready to love the heck out of it!  They offer not just custom patterns like I got, but also tons and tons of pop culture related patterns.  There is something for everyone, especially if you are a nerd/dork/geek!

They are super easy to deal with too!  Once I ordered the pattern I quickly got an email from the shop owner giving me the info on where I could send the pictures of my cousin, her (now) hubby and their 2 dogs.  In a few days I had a darling custom pattern. 

I knew my cousin would just love this.  She recently graduated from veterinary school, so animals are a big part of her life (just like mine!).  I knew having her dogs included in this "family portrait" would just make her heart melt. 

And I think I was right!  I made her open her gift before the wedding, because I am one of those people who likes to see the reaction on peoples faces.  She said it was her favorite gift, and her new hubby even pulled me aside to say how much he loved it! 

So, enough of me jabbering. Here is the finished product done and framed up all nicely. 

It was so popular that I have about 10 people (including myself!) wanting to get family portrait patterns with their furry family members.  I wonder if they could do ferrets or other small animals too?

Nik <3

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