Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6th St Yarnbombing!

My little brother from another mother moved down to Austin, and is staying with me awhile.  This is his first time here,  so we decided to take him down to 6th St and show him around.  It was a game day, so there were a lot of drunken people to laugh at.  I decided I wanted to do some yarnbombings and whipped these up a couple hours before we went downtown.  I wanted them to get seen by a lot of people.

Little Bro approves of yarnbombing!

J in upper right and Little Bro bottom left, watching out for me!

This one is a little hidden, its not directly on 6th st!

I had to sew around the bikes, my yarn got caught a couple times.

 I really hope these stay up awhile.  I can't wait to do more.  I finished the buttered toast scarf, and have moved onto the cupcake scarf.  It was a bit challenging starting off the pattern, but I think I got it now!  I used a regular worsted weight yarn, instead of a bulky yarn, and my cupcakes looked more like mushrooms!  Cool, but not what I was looking for!  I might make a mushroom scarf later though.  The cupcake scarf will have to be hush hush till my mom opens it for Christmas.