Monday, July 16, 2012

I finally got me a puppy! (and crochet bunting cuteness)

I haven't been crocheting or crafting much lately.  I got myself a puppy,  and he is a lot like having a baby.  I have been working closely with my boss at the dog trainers to make sure that I raise a well adjusted pibble to be another ambassador for the breed.  This means that when he is not in his kennel, he is on a leash and that leash is attached to me in one form or another (you should see me with the handle around my ankle pulling him along while I try to get chores done).  It's a lot of work, but I haven't lost anything to a puppy wandering off and chewing something. 

So without further ado....

Is he not the cutest thing on the planet?  He is about 9 weeks old give or take right now.  He already knows how to sit, down, watch me, practices door control, and food control.  He isn't perfect at anything right now, it usually takes a few times of repeating the command, but he knows how to do it.  I am wrapped around his adorable little paw, and he knows it. 

At least I have a good excuse for not creating a lot of anything.  I am trying to create a great dog.  He is currently passed out next to me, reenergizing his batteries.

I did however, use something intended for yarnbombing day, that I never had a chance to hang up anywhere.  I was playing around with my new tiny crochet hooks I used in the granny square post, and made a tiny crocheted bunting.  I definitely want to make some more, and you probably will too when you see what I did with it!

How radical is that?  It is so easy and once you crochet it, I bet you have everything else already to make your own!  I used this easy pattern, from the always inspiring attic24.  I believe I also linked her basic granny pattern in my granny square post. 

Then I just cut some bamboo skewers so they had a slit in through the middle, and stuck the string in it.  If you look up at the top of the skewer on the right you should be able to see how I did it.  Super. Easy.

I have James' birthday party to get all ready for in 12 days.  Crunch time, and my usual procrastinator self has 0 done so far, other than a Pinterest board and lots of good intentions. 

Wish me luck!

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