Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's almost here!

It's almost time for sxsw and I am my usual excited self.  I never get a wrist band and make it a point to seek out as many free and random bands that I can.  There is one big band playing for free that I can't wait to see though. 

I'm very fond of this band, and can't wait to hear them play this song.  I remember listening to this album and especially this song the night before my dads funeral.  It always makes me think of him, and that moment.  I felt really sad, but also relieved. 

This also means that Austin will have thousands and thousands of people from all over the world here for a week.  So I'm working really hard to get some yarnbombings done and up for that week.  I will try to post some pictures soon.  I'm making a lot of granny squares for this swap I'm doing (post about that coming soon too) so I think I'm going to do some embellished granny squares as yarnbombings. 

Don't forget to comment to my previous post to try and win the scarf I made.  Trust me you will love it.  The yarn is super soft.  I wear the mine all the time. 

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