Monday, August 1, 2011

Surfside Yarnbombing!

I always have the hardest time trying to think of a witty title for my posts.  I hope the more comfortable I get with blogging, the easier it will get.  I am open to suggestions so if you think of a funny title, leave a comment and if it makes me giggle I'll probably change it. 

This weekend was J's birthday, so we went to Surfside Beach, Tx. His parents own a beach house there, and he wanted to spend the weekend. I just love his family more and more.  I am now Facebook friends with his brother and sister now, so we are on a whole new level now!

I had so much fun!  Although I did get sunburned (ouchie on my back and shoulders) I had a ton of fun.  A tropical storm was supposed to hit the gulf this weekend, but luckily it didn't hit us, but made the waves perfect for boogie boarding!  I was able to sneak in a yarnbombing while on the beach.  I have been holding onto this one for awhile. I think because I had attached a tag with my blog name on it, I was nervous about leaving it. 

The previous night J, myself, his sister and friend all went for a walk on the beach to check out the waves, and show them the little crabs that walk out at night.  We were able to check on some previous yarnbombings that we had done on our previous visit to the beach house, and they were still there,  just covered in sand!  I regret not taking pics of them.

This is a swatch I did a few weeks ago when J got me Yarn Bombing: The Book.  It was a super cool stitch where it makes a bump in the swatch, like a dot almost.  I also used this swatch to better learn how to do stripes.  I love that book and I suggest getting it if you love crocheting it has some really cute patterns (The only bad I have to say about it is that it has to many knitting patterns and not enough crochet!)

I also regret not taking a picture of the back of it!  I have learned now to take shots 360 degrees around!  I had to use this big plastic needle I had and I sewed up the back really tight like a corset.  It looked pretty awesome!  I hope it is still there the next time we go back, so I CAN take a picture of it.  This has gotten me really excited to do even more yarnbombings.  I just have to find the time!  

Right now my WIP is a pumpkin beanie for a newborn that is due in October, 4 large hot pads for a ferret rescue fundraiser due by the end of August, and a Twinkie Chan Toast Scarf for my BFF by mid September.  Oh!  And I still haven't tackled the mini Domo-kun I was making for J's birthday that kept tripping me up. 

What is your WIP right now? 

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  1. You are awesome. I really need to learn how to knit.