Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More crocheting! (Shocking right?)

My mom volunteers at a ferret rescue back home, and next month they are going to be doing a fundraiser.  I told her I would make 2 sets of potholders.  One set that were girly colors, and one set that were more guy colors.  I had made this once before as part of my step-dads father's day gift.  These are great because they are really thick, and you can do them in any colors you want. 

I got the pattern from The Lion Brand Yarn Website, (you have to register with their site to see their patterns.  Just do a search for "pot holders" and it is the last one listed.  They came out pretty radical!  I wanted to embellish them with ferrets, but I couldn't find any ferret applique patterns online.  I'm not good enough at crocheting to make my own yet.  Instead, I just embellished them with circles. 

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