Monday, February 27, 2012

I am literally crazy about making stamps (and Say What?!? A give-away!)

I just wish I could draw better.  That is something I say all the time.  But either way, making stamps is so fun and awesome.  I am especially obsessed with tiny stamps.  Almost all the stamps I've made in the last few weeks have been about the size of a nickel, or smaller.

My first attempt was with an elephant eraser I got at Dollar Tree.  I wanted something that would be pretty easy, and let me practice with the lino cutter.  I got my Speedball lino cutter and the soft printing block at Hobby Lobby.  I went looking around on Pinterest and Google for good tutorials for how to use the lino cutter.  I am still not the best at doing circles.  I need to get an X-acto knife I think.

The elephant stamp was a perfect starting practice.  I added my own touch to it in the middle, and it came out pretty cute. 

I used this as J's Valentine's Day Card
So then I had the stamp making bug, and I spent all my free time at home and especially at work, making tiny stamps.  I came across this website memi the rainbow and fell in love. I was so inspired by her work.  In only a few days I made all these stamps.

Downtime at work is best spent with hot tea and stamp making. 

As you can see, I am obsessed.  I love love love the tiny cupcake.  I attempted to make an Easter egg, and because I'm still not the best at eyes and smiles, it came out looking a little mischievous.  J suggested I make devil horns for it.  I love that I did tiny little devil horn stamps that can be added to just about anything!

That concludes a pictorial view through my latest obsession. 

Guess what else though!?!?  I'm going to do a give-away!!  I want to get some more fans of my blog, I think it will motivate me to do more posts.  I'm going to post at the end of the week all the details and pics of the item to be won!  I'm excited!  [Enter shameless plug] Please tell your friends about my blog!

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