Sunday, January 8, 2012

Babies, Festivals, and Christmas! Oh my!

I'm a horrible blogger!  I have no real good excuse for not posting in so long.  But even though I haven't been blogging, I have been creating!

In October I worked hard on a crocheted version of Zero the ghost dog from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  A friend at work was having a baby, and she is obsessed with the movie.  So I thought a cute half plush, half blanket would be perfect.  I used this pattern I found through Google, Lizville.  I am still being defeated by crocheting in the round, so I didn't adhere to that part of the pattern.  I think the end product still came out pretty darn good.

November brought my most favorite music festival in Austin, Fun Fun Fun Fest!  My bff in Oregon was supposed to come out, but couldn't make it at the last minute.  Oh, the life of a college student!  So instead, I dragged J along with me!  He didn't really mind though.  We saw Slayer, The Damned, Public Enemy, Brian Posehn, Tune-Yards, Donald Glover (and Childish Gambino), and many more!  The only thing that could stand up to the music, was the awesome food vendors the festival brought in this year.  They had super yummy crepes, pancake shakes, and pumpkin empanadas that I couldn't get enough of!

 Don't you just love me in my festival get up?  They changed the location this year to a bigger park, with a big open (and treeless) area.  That, coupled with an entire summer with no rain, made it pretty dusty, pretty fast.  But we had a blast!  I was so excited to see Public Enemy and Brian Posehn.  I can't wait till next year.

And then there was Christmas.  This year I really tried hard to do a "handmade holiday" and make all my gifts handmade.  I was really close to doing it too!  Everyone got something handmade except my step-dad.  He is one of the hardest ppl to get gifts for, because he has everything he wants.  And the things he doesn't have that he wants, I can't afford!  I didn't get pics of everything I made, but here are pics of the bigger items I worked on.

J loves space invaders, and already had some space invaders he had made with perler beads in his kitchen, so I decided to keep with that theme.  I made him 4 pot holders with space invaders, and then the painted canvas.  My little bro (who is super awesome at art) helped me with the canvas.  He used a ruler, and chalk, to grid the canvas into the design.  I couldn't have finished that project without his help!
Then there is the infamous Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf.  I've been working on this one since I finished the buttered toast scarf (you can see it here) I made from her pattern book.  This was a very labor intensive scarf, but the end result was totally worth it.  My mom LOVES IT!  I don't think I want to make another one anytime soon though!

I hope everyone had a great new year!  What crafty things are you planning for 2012?

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